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Παπούτσια Βαπτιστικά Λευκά

Godparents’ Obligations

The greatest honor of all, is when a proposal is made to someone to become a godparent. This is because parents choose the person they deem worthy to baptize their child. The godparents have several obligations, which they usually do not know and seek an answer to this question. For this, we present below all the basics you need to know.

The godparents’ obligations begin before the baptism takes place. There are a number of purchases that need to be made, among which are:

  • the baptismal cross,
  • the christening set which includes the christening clothes, the candle, the oil set, christening package, shoes and socks,
  • the christening favors, which must be co-decided by the godparents with the parents,
  • and the decoration of the swimming pool, also after consultation with the parents.

When the day of baptism arrives, the godparents must have with them a small bottle which they will have previously filled with olive oil. This should be brought to the church. It is good for the godparents to learn the “I believe” before the baptism because, during the baptism they will need to read it. It is therefore helpful to know this in order to avoid mistakes.

Of course, this and other details will be preceded by a discussion with the priest who will give the appropriate instructions.